Parish Ministries

Christian Formation

Christian Formation Programs to nurture the spiritual development of all ages are offered throughout the week and on Sundays.  Quiet Mornings, Confirmation, Inquirer's class, retreats, Morning Prayer, book study/discussion groups, Bible Study at Kendal, Education for Ministry, and Vacation Bible School all offer additional growth opportunities.

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Pastoral Care Grace ACTS is an important ministry to the parishioners and the community of our church. Our five teams consist of over 30 people or family units that volunteer for the Grace ACTS ministry. Each team has about 6 members and is on duty every 5 weeks. Grace ACTS members select two or three needs from the list when their team is on duty. Team members pray for, call, visit or send a card to those on the list that are ill, have had a death in their family or are celebrating a new baby, addition to the family, or a birthday.  Please continue to pray for this vital ministry to our parish. If you have a pastoral concern or know of someone who does please contact
Fr. Tuck Bowerfind (

Gail Dick ( or the Parish Office at 540.463.4981

If you would like to serve on a team, please contact the Parish Office or Gail.

Prayer Chain -  The prayer chain exists for confidential prayer (Carol Muir 464-1224 or

Christian Outreach
  In response to Christ's commitment to love thy neighbor as thyself, the Christian Outreach Committee supports a variety of services to our neighbors in need. We coordinate church volunteers and fundraising for specific projects, and we create new programs in response to emerging needs, both local and international. We also encourage parishioners to volunteer directly in local organizations. Our international focus is on supporting education in Haiti and South Sudan, through ongoing relationships with the Episcopal Church there and with refugees in Roanoke.

Annually, we assist the parish in directing financial support to several regional agencies, with special emphasis on those whose mission is to help families meet urgent needs of food, shelter, utilities, and health care. We also offer financial support to local organizations that provide services such as childhood development, education, end-of-life care, help for victims of abuse, and transportation to medical appointments.

Area organizations wishing to apply for grants to fund programs consistent with the committee's mission can find the application form by clicking here.

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Men's Prayer Breakfast, Tuesdays, 7 AM  Men of our church and local community gather in the Parish Hall on Tuesday mornings to cook, eat and pray together.

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Higher Education Ministries We are committed to the spiritual growth of the students and cadets at Washington and Lee University and Virginia Military Institute. We recognize that nurturing spiritual growth is vital to academic and human development. Our mission is to assist students and cadets as they discern their vocation through the discovery and stewardship of their God-given gifts. Through the Episcopal Student Fellowship we provide opportunities for Christian fellowship, study and worship that foster interaction between W&L students, VMI cadets, SVU students and members of the Grace parish family. Parishioners support our ministry by preparing cookies, exam bags and adopting a cadet during the first stressful year at VMI. A Fellowship room is available to students to study, watch TV and relax on Sunday afternoons.
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The Mission and Outreach Committee of the Gadsden Trust  Charged to fund activities that spread the Christian Gospel and alleviate human suffering, the committee has 7 members: 1 trustee of the church, 1 Vestry member, 2 members appointed by the Trustees, 3 members appointed by the Vestry. The committee invites grant proposals, meets quarterly to consider them, and grants funds for Diocesan projects or programs specifically underfunded, for seminarians and continuing education of Diocesan clergy or ministers of our parish, for local needs and concerns, and for Third World Needs, especially in Sudan/ South Sudan.

Click here for Application (pdf)

Application (Word)

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Property Committee  

Since 2020, the Property Committee has followed  5 criteria, ranked as follows, for the work of the Property Committee: 

1.  safety and security,

2.  integrity of the building envelope,

3.  efficient operation of building systems – plumbing, electrical, mechanical, technological

     (reducing energy use, waste, and cost),

4.  accessibility and functionality of program spaces, fixtures, and furnishings, and

5.  beauty.

The Property Committee oversees and/or performs routine maintenance and improvements of the buildings and grounds of the church to support and serve the many missions of the church.  The Property Committee makes requests for annual budgetary funds to support such matters. 


Due to issues related to more detailed maintenance and/or the replacement of major components of the property, the Property Committee, in consultation with others, develops and implements a twenty-year plan, updated annually, for all such foreseeable repairs and projects over that time frame. To meet such future needs, the church maintains and invests the principal held in the Berry Fund, and the Vestry also has access to other donor restricted invested funds all of which are dedicated to the maintenance and preservation of the property of the church. 


On issues of personal security, the Property Committee coordinates with the Security Committee, which focuses on the security and/or safety of the church, its staff, all who use the property. 


During the construction of new improvements in the Nave, the Clerk of the Works has been responsible for managing the new construction, and from time to time the Clerk of the Works has coordinated with the Property Committee regarding planned improvements, such as the installation and operation of new fire alarms in the two buildings, and/or regularly scheduled property maintenance issues.  

Worship Committee A committed group of volunteers review and help plan all special worship services. We are always looking for new and inventive ways of expressing ourselves in worship whether through music or interpretation of scripture. Our members represent all groups that have a part in our worship services: the music, acolytes, lay readers and chalice ministers, altar guild, and ushers.
Chairperson - Joanne Robblee (

Music - Martha Burford (
Lay Readers and Ushers - Lisa McGuire (

Altar Guild is composed of approximately 30 members of the church who are responsible for preparations prior to all worship services, i.e., putting the color-of-the-season hangings in place, checking the candles, setting up the chalices, and holy elements, and cleaning up following the services.

Complementing the Altar Guild is the Flower Guild. The Flower Guild is devoted to arranging blossoms and greens which add to the beauty of the altar. The Altar Guild is sometimes described as those who set the Lord's table and do the dishes afterward. New members, both men, and women are welcome.

Altar Guild Jane Brooke (
Flower Guild Claudia Ellis (