Faces of Grace

Faces of Grace is a new social media feature.  We will spotlight different members of Grace every 2 weeks and  their photo at one of their favorite places on our campus accompanied by responses to three questions:

  • Who are you? Tell us a little about you and your household (where you have lived and what brought you to Lexington)
  • What inspires you? Share something about Grace that inspires and connects you to God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and God’s mission of reconciliation. (A person, ministry, message, image, prayer, hymn, scripture passage, etc.)
  • What is your Path of Discipleship? Share a little about your faith journey – what tradition you were raised in, how you started on your path of discipleship, traditions, and practices you have explored, something you are doing, or that is helping you,  grow in faith now.

Abby, Joe, Rowan and Will Moles

Joe and Abby grew the family in the suburbs of Chicago. When in Chicago area we were active in the Lutheran church Joe grew up in. We all moved and lived in a small town in the mountains of Colorado for 7 years. We have moved to Lexington for the changes of seasons and to build a small farm for ourselves. 
The welcoming feeling of Grace drew our family in. Since Chicago we have been searching for another church family. Joe has become a men's breakfast regular. As a firefighter/AEMT, Abby looks for support in faith for herself and work. Rowan likes volunteering and reading. She is an upcoming junior at RCHS. Willow is becoming familiar with the behind-the-scenes social media part of church service. She is an upcoming sophomore at RCHS and loves to read.
As a family we are enjoying serving the community in different ways through the church.  

Peggy and Steve Riethmiller

Peggy - I grew up in Vicksburg, Mississippi. My dad was an Episcopal priest. My dad was a Virginian and we moved back to Virginia after I graduated from high school.

Steve - I grew up in Richmond, VA. I was raised in the Lutheran Church. I went to VMI (’63) and joined the Air Force. Later I got my PhD from The University of South Carolina. I taught chemistry at VMI for 41 years.

We met on a blind date, got married 6 months later, and have been married for almost 55 years. We have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. We have lived in South Carolina, New Zealand, and England.

Peggy – I am inspired by old hymns. They can make me cry or make me happy and full of joy. We both participated in Cursillo in the 80s. It was an eye-opener and we both still are active in prayer groups with other Cursillo participants from Grace...Read more here

Richard Jones

My name is Richard Jones. I was born in Charlottesville, VA. I spent 34 years in prison and was released in August. 2021 Upon being released I was in a program called STEPS from Grace Episcopal Church. My lead mentor was David Gates, and now is Anna Crockett. 

The STEPS program has brought me a long way. I'm the man I am today because that program gave me a second chance in society. I have mentors and true friends. I am a bested man. I feel the magnitude of love here in Lexington, VA. Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18

God has been the main factor in my life. I grew up a Baptist. I joined Grace Episcopal Church and was confirmed as an Episcopalian in December 2021. There is so much love in Grace Church and so much love in the community. There's so much love in Lexington VA that I can cut it with a butter knife. People actually let you cross the road and actually wave to you.

My path of discipleship is to pray for and minister to the people I meet. That’s why they call me “The Preacherman.”   

Elizabeth Grist

  My name is Elizabeth Grist and I have lived in Lexington my entire life. I was born, baptized, and raised in this church and when I decided to go to Washington and Lee University, I’m thankful that this church was literally right next door. I attended church pretty regularly all of college and found such community in the parish here. I was shocked but honored when Gail Dickerson asked me to serve on the Vestry. I have found such fulfillment and community through that tight-knit community, and I will miss it greatly as I move to Australia after college.

One of my favorite hymns that we sing at Grace that inspires me is “Lift High the Cross.” That is one of the earliest hymns I can remember singing in church, and my siblings and I would leap for joy when we saw that hymn listed in the bulletin for the day. 

...Read more here

Nick and Rissie Murphy

Nick and Rissie Murphy have three energetic boys – ages 13 to 4. Nick is originally from Kentucky and moved to Lexington for work 21 years ago. Rissie is from West Virginia and moved to the area 15 years ago. After meeting each other in Lexington they had planned to marry and travel around the country until they welcomed their first child and realized Lexington has always been home. Now they can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Rissie has always had a strong connection with her faith since she was a child, leaning on God to guide her through a difficult upbringing. Nick has also always had a strong faith in God. Prayer and openness to God’s word are what help keep them connected in their faith.

Rissie is a member of Grace Episcopal vestry and Nick supports her in this endeavor.

Martha and David Burford

David and Martha Burford moved to Lexington in 2018 for Martha to accept the call as Grace’s Minister of Music. When Fr. James reached out to Martha, “No,” was the Burfords’ response, but as they prayed, meeting people of the parish and community, they realized the Holy Spirit was singing “Get you to Grace!” David generously agreed and packed up his guitars and their herd of dachshunds. Happily, the move brought him back to his" home mountains," Amherst, after trotting the globe as an engineer based in France and California... Read more here

Delea and Tuck Bowerfind

Delea was raised in Florence Alabama where her dad was an agricultural economist with TVA and her mom taught special ed. Delea moved to Cleveland OH with her daughter Tiffany in 1991 to earn an MSW from CWRU.  They met Tuck at his home parish, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, in the summer after his ordination. After eight years in Cleveland, and three more children – George, Dorothy, and Elizabeth – the Bowerfinds moved to St. Mary’s, Barnstable MA, and then to St. Luke’s, Alexandria VA. In September 2019 we accepted the call to Grace Lexington and started on the First Sunday of Advent...Read more here

Lisa and Pat McGuire

Lisa is the Parish Administrator at Grace Church. Pat works from home as a Technical Writer for Raytheon. Pat is an Acolyte, volunteers with the Grace crew at the RARA Food Pantry, serves on the Property Committee and is a STEPS mentor to a returned citizen. Pat also serves on the board of the Rockbridge Area Habitat for Humanity... Read more here